Strain measurement

We have developed our solution with regard to maximum usability even in very difficult places. Thanks to its compact dimensions and high durability, you can also measure with our modules on rotating and moving machine parts. The measured data allows you to achieve better reults in the development, diagnosis and monitoring of machine component functions. Thanks to their robust design, the modules are capable of withstanding up to 2000 g of acceleration. All device parameters can be easily set up wirelessly from the service application.


Strain measurement

A module developed for wireless measurement of strain. Thanks to its compact dimensions and high robustness, it is especially designed to measure torque and forces acting on rotating parts of machinery. Moreover, it can be used wherever it is necessary to measure strain. Wireless transmission allows for the module to be installed close to the measurement point, which greatly facilitates cabling. Module control and transmission of measurement data is carried out remotely in our special software.

  • Wireless measurement technology is easy to apply anywhere
  • High robustness allows for installation even under demanding operating conditions
  • Easy remote operation thanks to its own intuitive application