Mini Cooper

Temperature measurement

A WTM-4 module was used to verify the operating conditions of the Mini Cooper combustion engine to accurately and instantly measure the temperature of oil and coolant for different driving styles.

The module transmitted the values directly to the driver's cab in without the use of cabling, making it easier to install.

The measurement results were used to set the thermostat so that the oil temperature is within the optimum range. Subsequently, a small display with a receiver for permanent monitoring of values was installed in the cabin.

Formula Student Brno University of Technology

Strain measurement

A student team of TU Brno racing, which has been participating in the Formula Student International competition since 2010, has been provided with WSM-2 modules that allowed for the torque to be measured on two half-shafts of the formula's rear axle during test drives.

The objective of the test was to check the effectiveness of the differential and uniformity of rear axle traction.

SEM Drásov Siemens Electric Machines s.r.o.

Flow measurement

Siemens Electric Machines s.r.o. in Drasov deals with the development and production of large electric machines. To verify the efficiency and uniformity of electric machine ventilation, an instrument for airflow measurement, custom made by ADWITECH system s.r.o., was used.

These small wireless modules can be placed in the locations that are not accessible using standard measuring systems. Easy installation without a need to perform any modifications in the   machine has made it possible to quickly assemble and disassemble the entire system directly in the testing room. With an internal battery and wireless communication, the system can be used without cabling, which allows you to carry out measurements on a hermetically sealed machine. The module can also be mounted on the moving parts of the machine to determine the flow of air, e.g. in rotor cooling


TES Vsetín s.r.o.

Strain measurement

The company TES Vsetín is one of the leading manufacturers of electric machines, drives and components. The development and production of electric machines is based on complex computational modelling. However, in computational models, it is very difficult to capture the effect of centrifugal acceleration on the impregnated winding while the machine rotates.

Due to its minimal dimensions and ability to work under very demanding conditions, the WSM-2 wireless strain gauge system, produced by ADWITECH system s.r.o, enabled to obtain actual strain waveforms at critical points during the operation of an electrical machine and thereby to correct computational models.